September 19, 2019

How to Track My Orders?

In order to track your order, go to “Orders – Track Your Order” menu.


1. Enter your invoice number and press “Track Your Order”.






2. You will see the current status of your order.






Number (1): the same invoice number that you are checking its status.

Number (2): the current status of your order. It might be one of the followings:



We have received payment and the order is being processed and packed for shipment.


The order is packed and ready for shipment.


The order has left our warehouse.


The order has been delivered and the customer has received it.


Your order has been returned to our warehouse.




Number (3): the date and time when you settled the order.

Number (4): shipping address

Number (5): the courier company. (It will be updated when the status changes to “dispatched”)

Number (6): the AWB number used in the courier’s website; In order to check the status of your order, click the link and enter this AWB No.











As you see in the picture:

- Invoice number: 90 …

- Destination country: Sweden

- This invoice has been paid on June 27, 2019 at 17:05

- The current status: Dispatched. So, the package has left our warehouse and it is on its way to the customer.

- It has been couriered by DPD.




How can we track our order in the courier’s website?

On “DPD Tracking URL”, click the link (blue DPD). It will take you to DPD website






If you want to see the English version of the website, please choose “English” at the top right corner of the website






Then, in field number (1), enter the shipment tracking number and press “search” (Number 2).




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