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October 24, 2020

Paying Additional Fees

Considering the status of an order, it might be needed to pay some additional fees. For instance, if your parcel is returned or rejected by the courier company because of incorrect or incomplete address, you can ask Newsha independent distributor to amend the address and arrange to re-send the parcel. In this case, first, you must pay the resent cost (approximately 4 Euro) and then, we will arrange to courier the parcel again.



To pay the amount, you can:


1. Pay online


- please go to “Orders – Pay Additional Fees” menu.





Box number (1): it is a tracking code that Newsha independent distributor will provide you with.

Box number (2): enter Newsha Distributor ID

and press “Checkout” to go through the payment process.




2. Deposit the amount into our bank account:


If you deposit the amount into our bank account, please give the “Proof of Payment” to Newsha independent distributor. They will follow the case with the company.



Our Bank Details


Bank Name

Bankleitzahl 680 510 04

Bank Code


Account Number

Golchin GmbH

Account Holder

DE56 6805 1004 0004 5861 52





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