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July 18, 2024

How to Submit Your Proof of Payment, If Needed

There are some customers who prefer to settle their orders by paying directly to our bank account and NOT to go through the online process.


We are pleased to inform you that it is also possible but they must certainly send us bank payment details.



Bank Account


Bank Name

Bankleitzahl 680 510 04

Bank Code


Account Number

Golchin GmbH

Account Holder

DE56 6805 1004 0004 5861 52






How to Send Us “Proof of Payment”

1. Your customer must go to “Orders – Invoice Settlement” menu.




2. They will enter the PI number and Newsha Distributor ID in their related fields and press “Checkout”.



3. Then, they will see the product lists. They must check the list and press “Checkout”.


4. In the next page, they will enter their exact address and confirm it by checking the box (number (1) in the picture below).


We hereby re-emphasize that you must only enter “No., St. Name, and Alley name (if any)” in “Address” box; city and postal code are mentioned in their related fields.

We strongly recommend you to find your address location using the map, so that the address will be automatically added to the form and you can check it.


4-1. If the customer wants to pay the amount online, they can choose a payment gateway from the “payment” list (pay online 1) and then press “pay Order” (pay online 2).


4-2. If the customer has deposited the amount into our bank account, they must press “Proof of Payment” (payment receipt).





5. They must press “Choose File” and attach their proof of payment (for example: a receipt).

And then, press “Pay Order”



By pressing “Pay Order”, they will see the notification below confirming that an invoice has been created.





The company will check the payment.

When your payment is waiting to be confirmed, the order is assigned a "Pending" status. Once the payment has been confirmed, we will start to handle and process the order at the earliest


Comment panel

  • October 14, 2019 Farahnazzamani

    باسلام.من یک سفارش دارم که توی بانک پرداخت کرده و خودش نمیتونه توی سایت عکس فیش رو الصاق کنه.چطور میتونم خودم این کار رو انجام بدم؟

    Newshadrinks : please go to “Orders – Invoice Settlement” menu. for more information, you are referred to "How to Submit Your Proof of Payment, If Needed" published on 28 July 2019.

  • May 15, 2020

    سلام من یکسفارش دادم پول هم رختم میشه برام بکین اون اردری من کی تو دستم مرسه تشکر

    Newshadrinks : in order to check your order status, please go to "orders" menu, "track your order" sub-menu.

  • January 14, 2021 Azade

    سلام چطور میتونم پول سفارشم رو به حساب شرکت بریزم؟

    Newshadrinks : You can find our bank account details in "about us - bank account information" menu.