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April 07, 2020
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We create a customized portal for you to grow your business across the world. Everything you need to know about your online portal is neatly organized in the guide you have been provided with.
NEWSHA Educational System

Flexibility is crucial for many of our Independent Distributors, so we provide online access to our training videos and resources.
EasyNewsha consists of several free online courses which will help you start STRONG.

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Newsha Products

Study our website (About Products/Science menu) to get some information about the ingredients and their benefits.
Newsha Products

Test our products and add them to your party recipes.
Newsha Products

Share our products. Some marketing materials like catalogs are ready for you to eliminate guesswork. Also, you get access to social marketing resources to help you build a global business from home.

You know what’s even better than drinking tea? Getting paid to do it.